Content Marketing

How important is content, to a businesses bottom line?

No question about it, content is King but how important is it to make posts regularly on your website or blog?  I wanted to see exactly that so I did a little experiment.  I took on a client back around the end of 2017. After some analyses of their website, it’s content, readability, appearance, load-ability, etc one of the first things I did was take a look at articles on the website’s news page and saw a little opportunity to mine gold, okay well not actually but you know what I mean.

I started with writing some informative new articles and posts and updating older ones with newer information (plus it looks better to have updated articles on your website than it does having stagnant ones.)  As I checked the analytics I noticed an uptick in the number of hits the news page was getting so I started searching out more engaging content that the website’s users might be more interested in.  Here is what I  noticed.  In February of 2018 the business's new customers (which I tracked through form submission) who self reported that they found the business through an internet search were at 13.04%.  As I started writing articles the following months looked like this:

Mar 20.69%

Apr 34.78%

May 48.72%

Jun  31.43%

Jul   44.44%

Aug  46.68%

Sep  81.82%

Notice the dip in June?  That was because I was on the road on a cross country trip and did not get a chance to write much new content.  You can see how important both content and regular updates can be to pulling in new customers. New customers = new revenue, not part of the older and already existing revenue stream.  This is a good score for you especially when you want to prove to a client that your work is helping.  It is important to know what content to post, when to post, where to post it and most importantly, who to target when you make these decisions.